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About Venturing Vows

February 15, 2023

Oregon Coast Elopement Photo and Video Package

Oregon Coast Elopement Photo and Video Team – Northwest Oregon, Columbia Gorge, and Mt. Hood Photographer and Videographer

Venturing Vows X Lilli Productions

Venturing Vows and Lilli Productions

Booking and finding vendors is stressful, right? What if you could reduce the number of vendors you had to hunt down?

Good news, we’ve made just that for you! You can book me just for your photo needs or you can book myself plus Sabrina from Lilli Productions to get photo AND video. While photo and video is our base, we can offer you even MORE. Venturing Vows also offers formal ceremonies with my wonderful husband and Sabrina is a hobbyist floral arranger. That means you can get photo, video, officiating, AND florals with one booking.

Our team specializes in the Oregon Coast, Redwood National Park, and all across Oregon.

Here’s everything you can get with our team.

Miki – Professional elopement photography. I specialize in Brookings, OR and know all the secret spots. I know what spots are safe based on the tide that day, where it tends to get windy or foggy, how to avoid crowds, and how long it really takes to do that hike. I help you craft a custom timeline filled with epic locations that will create your ideal elopement experience.

Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer

Sabrina – Professional elopement videography. She’s going to get you a 3-10 minute highlight film that will have you reliving your day like it was yesterday. Her bubbly personality will have you grinning all day. Her unique and colorful style really shows off the beauty of the coast. 

Oregon Elopement Videographer

Check out this beautiful film she made of an elopement we worked together! (See photos plus film here!)

How we pose – Sabrina and I work great together with our posing style! We love capturing the two of you having genuine moments together. We’re not big on the forced poses. Your experience comes first and the beautiful photos and footage will follow.

Officiating – You can add officiating onto our base photo and video package! Bob will write you a custom ceremony script based on an interview of your relationship. You can either read the script beforehand or leave it as a surprise. He’ll hike up to a mile to get you to your perfect ceremony spot. Learn more about Bob and his officiating services here!

Oregon Coast Elopement Officiant

Okay, awesome but why book us as a team? Let’s chat if this package is a good fit for you.

  • You’re booking a cohesive team. This is especially important with your photo and video team. We are working to capture the same thing in our own artistic way. Sabrina and I have experience working together and are even friends outside of our jobs. This means we are both considerate of the other as we work to best serve YOU and capturing your day. No awkwardness, no competition to get the best angles and shots, just doing our best for you.
Oregon Coast Elopement
  • Planning in one place. We all coordinate on the same emailing platform so any email goes to all the vendors on our team. We’re all on the same page and you don’t have to play the middle man.
  • Lower cost to you. Since we work together on planning, travel, etc., we’re able to offer a lower cost without sacrificing quality. It’s a better system for our work flow and gives you a better experience in the process.
  • Simplifies finding vendors for a small town. The Oregon Coast is an amazing place but there’s not much here. Most vendors have to come from out of town which means extra coordinating and a travel fee.

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