Meet Your Photographer

I almost missed out on the wedding of my dreams

And I'm here to make sure you don't lose your dream wedding too

I was SO close to having a traditional wedding. The venue was booked, catering deposit down, and all the invites in the mail.

We were only 2 months from our wedding when we realized our celebration was for everyone except us.

And that's when we ditched everything and eloped. 

The Venturing Vows Experience

This is how we do elopements around here

Your experience >> a photogenic day

Epic photos that show off the landscape you picked

Keeping things real. Natural poses, genuine moments, empowering you to have the exact day you want.

Photos that tell your full story, not just a handful of poses

Detail oriented pre-elopement planning so your day goes smoothly

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Photos of you that feel REAL.

Because your love is beautiful as is.

Hi, I'm Miki!

I am so pumped that you're here. I love adventure and capturing love so it means so much that you've made it here. I've been a professional photographer for 8 years now.

I specialize in elopements because I think everyone deserves a shot at their perfect wedding. For many, that doesn't look like a traditional wedding. I'm here to help you craft an experience that's true to your relationship. Each timeline, location recommendation, and planning help is based on YOUR best fit, not what's trendy or popular.

My goal is to help you plan a day packed with experiences you'll never forget. I want your elopement to be about you first and your photos second. While you're having the time of your life, you'll be giving me all the opportunities to capture your unique love.

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Some fun facts

Let's get to know each other

PNW born and raised

Science nerd who will tell you all the fun facts as we go

Typical millennial that treats her dogs like kids

What I'm wearing is probably thrifted

Favorite TV shows: Bob's Burgers and Schitts Creek