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February 15, 2023

Crook Point Elopement – Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer

Brookings, OR elopement featuring Crook Point and Redwood National Park.

Crook Point Wedding - Oregon Coast Elopement

These two’s day was a perfect balance of everything they wanted their day to be. It’s a great example of how you can pick which elements of traditional weddings to keep and which ones to ditch. They prioritized time in nature with just the two of them while also getting plenty of quality time with loved ones.

We started their day by getting ready at Crook Point. If you haven’t checked out Crook Point before, you definitely should. This epic section of land offers multiple wedding venues and vacation rentals. They had a few places rented in proximity to each other so they could hang out with their guests all weekend, not just on the wedding day. Like all the other vacation rentals on property, we got to watch the waves crash on the beach while getting ready.

Crook Point Elopement - Oregon Coast

We moved onto Arch Rock Main Lawn for their first look (one of their venue options) before moving onto Redwood National Park for a hike. These two met while working for a nature conservancy so it was important to them to have nature included. It was a great quiet time between the din of wedding events. If you opt to have guests at your elopement, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to build in time for just you two. They even took the time for a small picnic and filled out their vow books for their upcoming ceremony.

We went back to Crook Point for their incredible venue called Sandstone Point. Avigail’s Events already had an arch and chairs set-up when we got there. Why rent this venue when you have all the local parks to pick from? First, you’re required to get a permit if you have a set-up like the one they had on public land for the Oregon Coast. Even if you get the permit, you can’t barricade the public from the space you’re using. You can never guarantee privacy on public land. And the cherry on top is accessibility! The guests were dropped off right next to the ceremony location rather than having to hike in.

Oregon Coast Elopement - Crook Point

We raced the incoming rainstorm for their ceremony and even with the clouds, the cliff area was stunning. Our Venturing Vows officiant performed a custom ceremony filled with lots of stories about the couple. We went back to their vacation rental where Avigail had set-up a beautiful banquet table with gorgeous decor and The Bearded Chef was making an incredible meal.

If you’re struggling to balance your wedding vision with elopement and traditional wedding elements, look no further than this day for inspiration. Your day can look however you want it to look, no matter how traditional or nontraditional it ends up being.


Photography: Venturing Vows 

Venue, Vacation Rentals: Crook Point 

Florals and Planning: Avigail’s Events 

Catering: The Bearded Chef 

Officiant: Venturing Vows 

Check out this sweet review they left me:

Working with Miki was incredible!

A few things we loved:

1.) from the very beginning Miki was professional and sent us amazing resources to help us decide where we wanted to take photos

2.) She communicated more than any of our other vendors! Miki was proactive and reached out to see if we had any questions before we reached out. I really appreciated her keeping in touch with us every step of the way

3.) As with most wedding days, ours didn’t go completely as planned. Miki was so calm and offered us many alternatives for times and locations. I never felt stressed or overwhelmed because Miki truly went above and beyond to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

4.) The photos we received are absolutely stunning! Miki is so talented at what she does and she truly has a passion for it. Having gorgeous photos was one of my priorities and she exceeded my expectations!!

We are so grateful that Miki was part of our day, it felt like having a good friend along with us. She is the best elopement photographer ever!!!

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Crook Point - Oregon Coast Elopement


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