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March 15, 2023

Mt. Hood Elopement – Northwest Oregon and Portland, OR Photographer

A winter elopement featuring an A-frame cabin and the snow capped Mt. Hood just east of Portland, OR.

Portland, OR - Mt. Hood Elopement

Don’t forget winter when you’re trying to pick when you’re going to elope! Vendors are less busy so you’re more likely to be able to book your dream team, locations tend to be less busy, and it gives you an excuse to incorporate more indoor activities or a cute vacation rental (to protect you from potential weather).

This sweet couple modeled for myself and a couple of my photographer friends for a creative, learning more for our clients session. Being an entrepreneur on your own can get lonely and it’s great to form bonds with others in the industry. We stayed in this beautiful cabin for a few days and scheduled this shoot for fun. We use this space to grow, experiment, and better ourselves for our future clients. We love providing new experiences to our clients but we want to work out the details before your elopement day. This adorable couple gave us the best experience!

This was also an opportunity for me to unveil my plus size dress rentals for other photographers! The wedding industry is not inclusive for plus size couples. It’s extremely challenging to find plus size dresses for rent that are over a size 16, usually more like size 0-6. In an attempt to make it easier for photographers to show more plus size models in their marketing, I’m purchasing some plus size dresses to rent for sessions like this! Reach out for more information on how to rent. The white dress featured in this session is my first dress available for rent!


Photographer: Venturing Vows

White dress rental: Venturing Vows

Gray dress rental: AW Bridal

Floral Veil: Belle Botanical Creations

Floral: Silk and Blossom

Donuts: Doe Donuts

 Vow books and signs: Living Dreams Design

A-Frame Cabin Elopement

One of the best things you can do for an off season elopement is renting a beautiful vacation rental. In case the weather takes a turn, it’s a great back-up plan. Weather is rarely bad all day so it gives you a chance to plan your events around bad weather. You can still have the same events indoors and then go outside during the patches of better weather.

Always make sure to get permission from the host and be transparent on how you may use the property! AirBNB recently implemented a no events rule. This is interpreted differently by different hosts especially when it comes to just the couple elopements.

Oregon Cabin Elopement
Oregon Elopement

Snowshoeing Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood Oregon Elopement


Mt. Hood Oregon Elopement

Picnic and Portraits

"We Eloped" donut arrangement
Mt. Hood Oregon Elopement

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